BETS Past Papers Services

Preparation Details

BETS is able to provide a past papers service to schools and colleges of all previously prepared papers.

  • All papers are provided on 11″ x 12″ Braille paper, comb bound and labelled.
  • All papers are produced on single sided Braille paper, comb bound. This makes the papers more accessible for teachers and others who may be reading the Braille visually.
  • A print transcript of the Braille version of the paper is generally available.
  • Diagrams are provided on swell paper (sometimes referred to as “Minolta” diagrams).
  • Where diagrams were originally prepared using the “thermoform” method these are NOT available as the master copies may degrade over time and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Past Paper Fees

Below is the Scale of Fees (all inclusive) for the current academic year (as of October, 2023):

Transcription to Braille   Cost
Braille Text (per page)   0.95
Minolta diagrams (per diagram)     1.80
Binding/Packaging (per booklet)   2.60
Print transcript of Braille version of paper    5.00
Transcription from Braille to Print   Cost
Transcription to print of candidates' Braille answer scripts
(per Braille page)
Electronic Copies   Cost
Braille Booklet   10.00
Print Transcript   5.00

We are generally NOT able to provide an exact estimate of the cost of preparation of past papers as this will be dependent on the number of pages printed (see link to scale of fees).

Our on-line catalogue is available for viewing and ordering using the link provided:

 Past Papers Web Ordering Website 

The on-line catalogue contains papers prepared in the last 5 years. Generally, we find there is little demand for papers which pre-date this as syllabi change over time, but papers are available from the inception of BETS in 1991. Please contact us if you require a paper which pre-dates the on-line catalogue.


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