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Braille Examination Transcription Service

Setting the standard for Braille Translation

The Braille Examination Transcription Service (BETS) was established in 1991 to provide examination materials in Braille to awarding bodies, universities, schools and colleges.

Unlike most other Braille transcription agencies, BETS works exclusively in the preparation of examination materials and is able to provide secure transcription across all curriculum areas utilising specialist Braille codes for mathematics, science, foreign languages and computing where appropriate.

BETS is dedicated solely to the production of examination papers and as we are not involved in the production of any other materials, we are able to offer a very quick turn round of past papers, usually within 5 working days.

The staff at BETS have considerable experience not only in the preparation and production of examination materials, but also have a wealth of experience in working with visually impaired students in schools and are therefore able to offer advice and guidance to other professionals as to the suitability of Braille materials and working practices with visually impaired students. Should you require any advice or guidance regarding educational matters please do not hesitate to contact us.

As well as providing examination materials in Braille, we are also able to provide a service where we will provide an ink print transcript of any Braille answer scripts written by visually impaired students.



latest news

BETS Past Paper website has been updated with the latest batch of exams, and are now available to order.



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